Claire is concerned with ecological and interpersonal relationships and believes in the possibilities of art and documentary to discover, build, and disrupt connectedness. Using various mediums they examine, imagine, and show appreciation. 

Currently residing in Rochester, NY

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Select Exhibitions 

2021, various works, Our Abundant Earth, Rochester
2019, Installation, Femme Fetal Film Fest, Brooklyn
2019, Interview by Mia Kerin (videography), Venice Biennale,  Venice
2018, Mobile, Ladder Exhibit, Ithaca
2018, Building Room (Installation), Beforehereafter, Ithaca
2018, Windows, Beforehereafter, Ithaca
2017, In the Bushes, 20034, Ithaca
2017, WEIRDO, SSBA Rehearsal at The Stadsschouwburg,  Amsterdam

Select Screenings

2021, TAKE BACK THE CADILLAC, House of Merc
2019, I know what you did on tinder, Aloha From Hell Film Fest,  LA (videography)
2018, Building Room, Centrally Isolated Film Fest (Awarded Best Experimental Film), Ithaca                           
2018, Return, Centrally Isolated Film Fest,   Ithaca
2017, Return, Uni Shorts, Auckland

Published Work

2023, Worm Farm, Rathaus Press, Rochester NY
2023, Intimacy Hangover by georgie, Raincoated Records, Rochester NY
2023, Gorky (LIVE!) by georgie, Raincoated Records, Rochester NY
2019, multiple photos, Post Grad Magazine, Brooklyn
2018, Egg Sacks (Centerspread), Still Water Magazine,   Ithaca
2017, multiple photos, States of Mind Magazine, Ithaca

Other Projects

2019, Videographer and Assistant Editor, Trappy Bats by Moon Diagrams, NYC
2018, Production Assistant, Precious and Few feature by Adonis Bakapoulis, NYC
2016-2018, Videographer for Ithaca Voices's Bedhead Sessions, Ithaca
2017-2018, Director Various Music Videos for Slumbers, Rochester

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